Sunday, January 9, 2011

World Largest Natural Breasts

World Largest Natural Breasts (sheyla-hershey

Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey had the world’s biggest breasts, measuring 38M, until doctors were forced to remove her four implants — and much of her natural tissue — in order to save her life. After her most recent implant surgery in June in . Sheyla will be doing a documentary series for National Geographic within the next few  months.
World Largest Natural Breasts (Norma Stitz)
World Largest Natural Breasts (MaxiMounds)

Meet the world's largest breast implants

                      No way her haircolor's natural
If you ever thought Pamela Anderson’s breasts erred on the slightly overinflated side, then you haven’t met Guinness World Record holder Maxi Mounds. And just how big are the porn star’s mounds? Let’s just say that both of Pam’s breasts could fit inside one of Maxi’s—and there’d still be room for a patio set. Maxi’s surgically enhanced breasts weigh 20 pounds each and contain polypropylene string implants, which irritate the breast tissue and force her boobs to grow continuously due to the constant inflammation.
Maxi’s chest received the title of “World’s Largest Augmented Breasts” by the Guinness World Record on February 2005, when she was measured at Sarasota, Florida. She currently wears a 61MMM US bra size (UK 42J). On Maxi’s website, she admits that in addition to the back pain, daily activities can be difficult. “I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore,” she admits. “And close-up hugs are almost impossible.”
Maxi published a book, The Maxi Mounds Guide To The World Of Exotic Dancing, which isn’t geared only toward women that can barely stand up. Can you say perfect Christmas gift?