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World’s First 3D Porn Film--Informatio

In Hong Kong have started shooting what they claim will be the first 3D p0rnographic film in the world.
The US 3.2 million dollars 3D ‘Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’, set for release in May, has already generated interest in a host of Asian film markets, as well as Europe and the US, the Sunday Morning Post reported.
Loosely based on a piece of classical Chinese er0tic literature, The Carnal Prayer Mat, the movie will star Japanese adult actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara, the Post said.
The film chronicles the story of a young man who, after being introduced to the er0tic world of a duke, realises his ex-wife is the love of his life and features “orgies, swinging and some very graphic s@x scenes”, the paper said.
Producer Stephen Shiu acknowledged that censors would likely block the movie’s screening in mainland China, a key market for Hong Kong filmmakers.
“(But) we are almost closing deals with some markets including Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and some pay TV channels in Hong Kong,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Mr Shiu as telling the paper.
World’s First 3D Porn  Film Image/Snapshot
Italian director Tinto Brass has announced he would produce a 3D remake of his 1979 ertic film ‘Caligula’, while Hustler plans to release a p0rnographic spoof of 3D science fiction film ‘Avatar’, the top-grossing movie of all time, which has earned about US2.7 billion dollars worldwide since its release. (ANI)

First Hollywood 3d Movie

April 8, 1953: first big Hollywood 3D film

On this day's date in 1953, the first 3D movie made by a major Hollywood studio hit screens. I was surprised to learn that it wasn't Jaws 3D House of Wax, but rather Man In The Dark. From Wired:
Man in the Dark was a noir film starring Edmond O'Brien, a remake of the 1936 Ralph Bellamy movie, The Man Who Lived Twice. As 3-D it was underwhelming -- the climactic roller-coaster scene was described as flat -- and it apparently wasn't much of a flick, either, at least not to a New York Times critic who called it "a conspicuously low-grade melodrama."

April 8, 1953: first big Hollywood 3D film

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The World's Strongest Woman On the Earth

Today I came across one of the most shocking pics on the Internet. I couldn’t control myself sharing these pics with geniusgeeks readers. Girls or women are known for their soft body and people (consider men here) usually consider woman as a weakest creature of god on the earth.If you believe so then have a look at the pics below.
The strongest woman in the world
Below are the few pics of the strongest woman on the earth. Irene (name of the strongest woman on the earth) born in 1966 in Denmark. She began training herself at the age of 15. She was very interested in body building, she started training herself at her friend’s gym. How beautiful strong she is…
The strongest woman on the earth (Irene)
The strongest woman on the earth (Irene)
Other Strongest Women In the World

Meet Jill Mills-- A mother, wife...and the Strongest Woman in the World! She has competed successfully in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and in the newer sport of Strong Woman Competitions. She has gone undefeated in all powerlifting and strength competitions she has entered. This is quite an accomplishment for a lady of only 30 years old, and I was fortunate enough to have her take time out of her busy schedule for this interview.
The strongest woman on the earth
China's Tang Gonghong performs a successful lift to set a new world Olympic record. Tang was crowned the strongest woman in the world and has an Olympic gold medal dangling from her massive neck as the ultimate accolade of her astonishing power. [AFP]
The strongest woman on the earth
The strongest woman on the earth (Becca Swanson).Pic

Strongest Pokemon in the world

Strongest Pokemon in the world
 My name is Isabelle and I am thestrongest Pokemon in the world
Strongest Pokemon in the world
Mewtwo is said to be the strongest and the best Pokemon in the world. It can also be the strongest Pokemon in your collection.
Strongest Pokemon in the world
Strongest Pokemon in the world

Monday, May 16, 2011

World's First Computer Information and Images

The world's first electronic digital computer
If someone were to ask you to name the world's oldest computer, you'd probably mention The Babbage Engine, Konrad Zuse's Z3 or  The UK's Colossus.  If you were asked when humanity built the first computing device, your estimates wouldn't go higher than a few hundred years or so.
What if I told you that there exists a computer system that was operational almost two thousand years ago?


Sometime around 1900, a wreck was discovered off the coast of the island of Antikythera by sponge divers. It was quite the archaeological find. Artifacts of all shapes and sizes were pulled from the wreckage in a salvage operation that took place over the course of about two years- coins, busts, marble sculptures, even a full sized, nearly intact bronze statue.(Wikipedia)
Among this wreckage, there was found something of an anomaly. It was an intricate mechanical construction that  would baffle historians and archaeologists for almost a full century before its actual purpose was determined. It was an unprecedented find- a device bearing this degree of complexity had never been seen before, and has not been discovered since.


A 3d model of the machine's front gears and dials from the AMRP's website
This device, which would come to be known as the Antikythera Mechanism, was at first thought to be the world's first clock. That was just speculation though, which would soon be blown out of the water. In 2005, several teams of researchers used some rather advanced techniques to examine the mechanism- from
digital imaging to cutting-edge X-ray technology.
What they discovered would turn our perception of the ancient world directly on its head. Certainly, we knew that peoples such as the Egyptians and Greeks were capable of some marvellous feats of engineering and innovation. Certainly, we were aware that they utilized many techniques that we still use today. But this...this was something else. 
In 2006, members of The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project organized a conference in Athens to discuss their findings. They would release more data in 2008/2009, with a third conference planned for Spring 2011. 

The First Analog Computer

An attempt to reconstruct The Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera Mechanism is an incredibly complex mechanical computer, the first mechanical computingAn attempt to reconstruct The Antikythera Mechanism device ever created- or so we think. Given how intricately and flawlessly designed this artifact is, a lot of people are of the mind that it might have actually had predecessors which we have yet to discover. This particular machine has been dated to somewhere between 150 and 200 BC.

But what did it do? And what was its purpose? 
It was evidently designed to track the movement of the planets, and functioned as a sort of mechanical calendar. It was complicated enough that it even had an instruction manual of sorts on the back. Its functions included predicting solar eclipses and keeping track of the four year cycle of the Olympic games. There might have been more, too- but we may never know. 
This archaic computer had somewhere from thirty to "as many as seventy two gears(A degree of complexity comparable to many ninteenth century clocks), with teeth formed through equilateral triangles. When a date was entered via a crank (now lost), the mechanism calculated the position of the Sun, Moon, or other astronomical information such as the location of other planets. Since the purpose was to position astronomical bodies with respect to the celestial sphere, with reference to the observer's position on the surface of the Earth"(Wikipedia)

Final Word

And there you have it. The first computer ever constructed. A far cry from the automatic, electronic devices of today, but hey-
everything's gotta have a starting point. Looks like this might just be one more thing we owe the Greeks for inventing.

It's rather exciting, isn't it? The idea that all of these ancient civilizations may have been well more advanced than any of us could ever expect. If something like the Antikythera mechanism was discovered on the ocean floor, just think about what else might be out there, simply waiting for us to find it.

World's First Computer

The "ENIAC" - Worlds First Computer

Princess Diana's death Photos

Princess Diana's name has been in the headlines recently because of the royal wedding, but now it's back for a reason we're not so excited about. The Daily Mail reports that a black and white close-up picture of a dying Princess Di will be shown in the movie Unlawful Killing at the Cannes Film Festival. We're disturbed -- we don't want to see death photos of Osama bin Laden and we certainly don't want to see them of the beloved Princess Diana.The pictures of Princess Diana are owned by Darryn Lyons, a "paparazzi king" who took them just before she died in a car accident in 1997, when her drunk chauffeur Henri Paul got into the crash while being followed by photographers. The Geelong Advertiser says that Lyons denies selling the photos for the film.
Unlawful Killing is backed by Mohammed Fayed, whose son Dodi was also killed in the accident, and actor Keith Allen, father of Lily Allen. This is the first time that anyone will see the photos of Princess Diana's last moments, as her face was "heavily pixelated" when they were shown to a jury during the inquest into her death.
Unlawful Killing will be shown worldwide, but apparently not in the UK. In response, Allen was quoted as saying, "Pity, because at a time when the sugar rush of the royal wedding has been sending republicans into a diabetic coma, it could act as a welcome antidote." Outrageous.

Darryn Lyons suggested that perhaps the news of the photo appearing in the film is a publicity stunt. We're guessing it's not, but we hope he's right. The last thing we want to see is a picture of a dying Princess Diana, and we can't imagine what Prince William and Prince Harry are feeling.
Princess Diana's death Photos
Princess Diana's death Photos

Friday, May 13, 2011

World's Top10 Best and Historical Art Museums

The world's ten best museums can be summed up in one word: majestic. Museums chronicle the world in a way that history books cannot. For that reason, people travel all over the world to visit the world's top museums. Picking the world's top 10 museums is not an easy task, but here are our top choices.

The Louvre Art Museum

1. The Louvre Art Museum

Some fun facts about the Louvre. The history alone makes the Louvre stand out. Napoleon Bonaparte. Louis XIV. Phillip II. These historic figures played a role in the Louvre.
The Louvre is a museum inside of a palace in the heart of Paris, walking distance from the Seine River. Not only is the Louvre the world's most visited museum, but also it features more than 35,000 pieces encompassing all periods of recorded history.

The Gallery at Accademia di Belle Arti Art Museum 

2. The Gallery at Accademia di Belle Arti

When architecture experts speak of the world's finest architecture, they look at Florence. When sculptors speak of the world's most adored statue, they speak of Michelangelo’s David. The Gallery at Accademia di Belle Arti houses the David.
The museum houses a fine collection of Michelangelo’s work and the Pieta, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus.

Uffizi Gallery Venice Art Museum

3. Uffizi Gallery Venice Art Museum

The fact that two Florence museums appear high on this list should not be a surprise. Florence is the heart of European art. The Uffizi, originally a palace, stands as one of the oldest museums and includes Botticelli's The Birth of Venus and Rembrandt's self-portraits.

 Musee d'Orsay Art Museum

4. Musee d'Orsay Art Museum

This Paris museum was designed in the remnants of a train station. The museum hits the keynotes of Impressionism and its French roots from Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Degas. Even though most people have seen "Starry Night" in posters, Van Gogh's masterpiece is as equally effecting in person

The Vatican Art Museum

5. The Vatican Art Museum

The Vatican is more than the Catholic Church's epicenter. People from all over the world travel to the building to see one of the great architectural achievements ever--and to hear popes speak.
Aside from religious relics, St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel demonstrate the highest art of Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli. Recently Hollywood blockbusters have been including the Vatican in numerous films.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

6. Metropolitan Museum of Art

This list would not be complete without America's finest museum, "The Met" features more than 2 million pieces of art. MoMA excels where other museums fail. MoMA displays the finest of European artwork in the same building as classic works stretching back to Ancient Egypt. The result is a collection that even European museums are jealous of because of its artistic reach.

The Smithsonian Art Museum

7. The Smithsonian Art Museum

The Smithsonian is a museum to get lost in. The Smithsonian presents the highlights of American History, showing that in more than 200 years, America's history can rival the history of Europe's greatest nations.

 J. Paul Getty Center Art Museum

8. J. Paul Getty Center Art Museum

The Getty museum delivers the works of Van Gogh and Monet to audiences of the American Pacific. With the Getty, no longer does a person have to travel to New York and Europe to experience the epitome of art.

Tate Modern Art Museum

9. Tate Modern Art Museum

This London museum shies from the ancient and classic and focuses on the modern. What results from the focus is the world’s largest Surrealist collection and the best place to take in Salvador Dali's masterpieces outside of the museum named for him in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Museo del Prado Art Museum

10. Museo del Prado Art Museum

The Prado in Madrid is considered among the world finest collection of arts after the 12th Century. The Prado encompasses all mediums with thousands of drawings and prints, coins and historic medals. Prominent artists include Titian, Raphael, Peter Paul Reubens and Francisco Goya.

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Martha Graham: The Dancer Revealed (1994)

Martha Graham, The Dancer Revealed [VHS]

 NR   VHS Tape

Product Details

  • Format: Classical, Color, NTSC
  • Rated: NR (Not Rated)
  • Number of tapes: 1
  • Studio: Kultur Video
  • VHS Release Date: September 12, 1994
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews
  • ASIN: 6303168434
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #33,482 in Video


Brief Synopsis

Profile of dancer/choreographer Martha Graham.

Cast & Crew

Claire BloomNarration
Joel ShapiroDirector Of Photography
Rosalind P WalterFunding ("American Masters")
Jack RudinFunding ("American Masters")
American ExpressFunding ("American Masters")
National Endowment For The ArtsFunding ("American Masters")
Corporation For Public BroadcastingFunding ("American Masters")
Marilyn M Simpson Charitable TrustFunding ("American Masters")
Susan LacyExecutive Producer
Takis CandilisExecutive Producer
Elizabeth HirschhornAssociate Producer
Stacey RobbinsPublicist (Wnet)
Thirteen/WnetProduction Company
Cameras ContinentalesProduction Company
Christopher HerrmannCoordinating Producer
Faubion BowersScript Consultant

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance
Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance is located in New York City and is the headquarter to the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and the Martha Graham Dance Company, which is the oldest continually performing dance company in the world.
The center was founded in the 1926 by Martha Graham. Its first headquarters consisted of a small dance studio on Broadway. The center later moved to a two story building at 316 East 63rd Street, New York, right off of 2nd Avenue.
After Martha Graham's death in 1991, the center's true directorial direction was in debate. In her will, Martha Graham left heir Ron Protas as sole proprietor of her dances. For a time, Protas actually attempted to deny the Martha Graham Dance Company the right to perform Graham's work. After years of legal battles, the Martha Graham Dance Company was ruled the true owner of the Graham repertoire.
In 2005, the center was among 406 New York City arts and social service institutions to receive part of a $20 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation, which was made possible through a donation by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.


The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance has the distinction of being the longest continuously operating school of dance in America and is a charter member of the accrediting organization, the National Association of Schools of Dance. Students come from around the world to study at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, the only school primarily focused upon teaching the Martha Graham Technique and Repertory.
Classes are taught by faculty members who worked with Martha Graham and who are or have been members of the Martha Graham Dance Company. The course structure culminates in the professional training of young dancers, who perform locally and nationally as Graham II.
Martha Graham students and dancers represent a broad range of cultures and backgrounds, and they take this unique American art form around the world to teach and perform.

Martha Graham Costumes

Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes
Martha Graham Costumes