Sunday, May 1, 2011

Future Potential Expositions(Future World Fair Exhibition)

2017 or 2018 will see a recognized exposition. Bidding may begin as early as 2012 for this smaller-sized exposition. Already, the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has voted to proceed with the second phase of putting together a bid for Edmonton EXPO 2017. It will coincide with Canada's 150th Anniversary.[11] Edmonton's neighbour, Calgary, put in a competing bid for the 2017 fair in May 2009, but withdrew the bid in November 2009. Ottawa, Canada's capital, also at one point had plans to host the World Fair in 2017. As of November 2009, Edmonton is the only Canadian bidder.[14]
2020 will see a registered category of exposition. Bidding may begin as early as 2011 for this larger sized exposition.
There are citizen efforts in American cities with the intention of bringing a World's Fair back to the United States:
  • Houston - "Exploring Humanity: A Vision for the Future"
  • New York - "Showcasing the World"
  • San Francisco - “Interculture: Celebrating the World’s Cultures while Creating New Ones through Interaction and Exchange.”
  • Los Angeles - "Pacific Rim and Gateway to the World", according to Jonathan Beutler
  • Las Vegas - "The future of my future," according to the Wall Street Journal
The Philippines is also possibly bidding for the Expo 2020.
  • Manila - "Manila, Celebrating Light and Life"
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia also proposes to host an Exposition in 2020
Media reports also suggest that Sydney, New South Wales, Australia may bid for the Australian 2020 time slot.
Copenhagen, Denmark, is also considering whether to bid for the Expo 2020.