Thursday, October 6, 2011

Australian Star Finches Pics and Informations & Wallpapers

Gouldian and Longtail Finches Drinking
Gouldian Family with Star Finch
Gouldian Family with Star Finch
Black Head Gouldian Hen
Adult and Juvenile Star Finches
Budgerigars Drink with Masked Finch and Gouldians
Gouldian Finch Scouting the Water Hole
Bee Eaters Working a Water Hole
Proud Gouldian Poses for Camera
Proud Gouldian Poses for Camera
Star Finches Wait in Reeds to Drink
Double Bar Finch Drinks with Gouldians
Yellow Rumped and Chestnut Breasted Mannikins
Chestnut Breasted and Yellow Rumped Mannikins
Yellow Rumped Mannikins with Longtail Finches
Owl Finch Drinks with Longtail Finch
Budgie and Black Head Gouldian Finch
Gouldians Drinking with Masked and Longtail Finches
Longtail Finch with Zebra Finch Hen
Zebra Finch
Budgerigars and Gouldians Waiting to Drink
Longtail Finch
Longtail Finches Waiting to Drink
Star Finch and Gouldian Hen.
Adult and Juvenile Gouldians Drinking
Red Head Gouldian Surveys the Territory
Owl Finch Reflection
Double Bar Finch
Flight and Water.
Masked Finch
Black Head Gouldian and Longtails Waiting to Drink
Longtail and Owl Finch
Gouldian Group at Water Hole