Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World of warcraft maps

The World of warcraft features an exploration system for their maps. Playersworld of warcraft maps always start the game with a blank map with very basic properties. Exploration is vital for the game, it unlocks portions of the map as it is explored, helps you buy wow gold and at the same time the player would gain experience while unlocking the map. This system rewards the player for exploration and ultimately gives the players reference to the maps for future use. You can gain access to the world map by pressing “M” on the keyboard. The map window is capable of three levels of zoom which are Region or Zone View, Continent View (Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor) and World View (Entire World). You can zoom out by right-clicking or by pressing the zoom button. You can zoom back in by selecting the area of the map, you wish to visit and left-clicking.
To open up a field of the map you need to visit a particular point of interest in the zone. Once you’ve got in to the area of the point of interest, you will obtain an experience reward and a message expressing to you that you’ve discovered the area. You receive more experience for discovering higher level areas. Levels also affect how much experience you would receive when exploring and discovering portions of the map. For example, if you’re level 20 and discover an area in Elwynn, you will receive a very little amount of experience. On the other hand, if you come upon an area in the Wetlands, you would get much more experience.
Compared to the strategy games like Warcraft III, the map is not revealed y traveling to a blank portion of the map. Rather you are required to discover a key area in the region or zone to unlock that portion of the map and altogether receive the experience.
Remember that you would not receive experience by flying over a portion of the map, such as traveling in a Gryphon. You cannot also reveal areas you explore when you are a ghost. Opening up your overhead map will “ping” your location to the map, this way it would be easier to reveal and notice your location when there are many friendlies around on the overhead map. Your character can also utilize the directional icon that is displayed on your overhead map.
Taking some time exploring while you are still starting out your low level character would surely help you make your leveling faster by acquiring world of warcraft gold and experience points from exploration. Exploration also benefits you for this would serve as your reference in venturing to other places. Having a detailed map is a great advantage in the game, it does not only make role-playing and questing easy but also has its rewards.