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Carnival (disambiguation) 

Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent.

Traveling Entertainment

  • Any traveling carnival, funfair, or other fair

Annual celebrations

  • Maltese Carnival, a major celebration of Carnival held in Malta
  • Bahian Carnival, a popular street event in the Brazilian state of Bahia
  • Brazilian Carnival ("Carnaval" in Portuguese), an annual festival in Brazil held forty days before Easter
  • Brazilian Street Carnival, an annual event in California
  • Buenos Aires Carnival, an annual event that in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Carnaval Brasileiro in Austin, Texas, the largest indoor Brazilian Carnival in the world
  • Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba
  • Carnaval San Francisco
  • Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the largest Carnival in the Caribbean
  • Carnaval de Cádiz, satirical Carnival in Southern Spain
  • Carnaval de las Islas Canarias, exotic and folklorical Carnival held in every island.

Other carnivals

  • Barranquilla's Carnival (Carnaval de Barranquilla), a Colombian festival dating back to the 19th century
  • Caribbean Carnival, the term used for a number of events that take place in many of the Caribbean islands annually
  • Carnaval de Oruro, the biggest annual cultural event in Bolivia
  • Carnaval del Pueblo, a celebration of Latin American culture held in London
  • Summer Carnaval (Zomercarnaval) is summertime version of Carnival held in the Netherlands
  • Quebec Winter Carnival (Carnaval de Québec), the largest winter carnival in the world
  • West Country Carnival, an English celebration related to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605
  • Carnivàle Lune Bleue, a 1930s-style travelling carnival that debuted in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Electric Daisy Carnival, a music festival held annually in Los Angeles, California
  • Notting Hill Carnival, a caribbean festival in west London


  • Carnival (novel), a 2005 novel by Robert Antoni
  • Carnival, a novel by Elizabeth Bear
  • Carnival (Compton Mackenzie novel), a novel by Compton Mackenzie
  • Carnival, a novel by James Thurber
  • O País do Carnaval is a Brazilian Modernist novel
  • "Carnival! Carnival!", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1978 book Babel

Classical Music

  • Carnaval (Schumann), a set of piano pieces by Robert Schumann
  • The Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des Animaux), a musical suite by Camille Saint-Saëns

Popular Music


  • Carnaval (song), the first track on the 1977 album Festival by American rock band Santana
  • "Carnival", a song from the 1995 album Life by Swedish rock band The Cardigans
  • Carnival (Natalie Merchant song), a 1995 song by American singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant
  • "Carnival", a song from the 1976 album No Reason to Cry by singer-songwriter and guitarist Eric Clapton
  • "Carnival", a single from the 1997 album Clumsy by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace
  • "Carnival", a song from the 1991 album Revolution Girl Style Now! by American punk rock band Bikini Kill
  • Carnival (The Pillows song), a 1999 song by Japanese rock band The Pillows
  • "Carnival", a song by Japanese rock guitarist Masatoshi Mashima
  • "Carnaval de Paris", a song by English pop group Dario G sometimes played at sporting events
  • Manhã De Carnaval (A Day in the Life of a Fool) ("Morning of Carnival"), a song which appeared in the 1959 film Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus)

Albums and other musical series

  • Carnaval (Spyro Gyra album), a 1980 album by American jazz band Spyro Gyra
  • Carnival (EP), a 1982 EP by British band Duran Duran
  • Carnaval (Barão Vermelho album), a 1988 album by Brazilian rock band Barão Vermelho
  • Carnival of Carnage, the 1992 debut album of American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse
  • The Carnival, a 1997 album by the Haitian hip hop artist Wyclef Jean
  • Carnival (New Model Army album), a 2005 album by English rock band New Model Army
  • Carnival (Kasey Chambers album), a 2006 album by Australian singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers
  • CARNAVAL, an album by ZELDA


  • The Carnival Band, a Canadian marching band
  • The Carnival Band (folk group), an English folk and early music band
  • The Carnival (UK band), an English dark cabaret band
  • The Carnival, Brazilian flavored pop band from 1969

Record labels

  • Carnival Records, a record label started in 1961 by Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert


  • Carnival Band Secretaries League, the main authoritative organisation in the Carnival Band movement

Performing arts

  • Carnival!, a 1960s Broadway musical
  • Carnaval (ballet), a ballet of the Ballets Russes, based on the music of Robert Schumann's Carnaval
  • Carnaval en Amazonas is a typical dance from the Amazonas Region, Peru

Television and film

  • Carnivàle, a US supernatural drama television series that aired on HBO from 2003 through 2005
  • Festive Land: Carnaval in Bahia (2000) is a documentary film directed by Carolina Moraes-Liu
  • Domingo de carnaval is a 1945 Spanish crime film written, directed and produced by Edgar Neville
  • Le Carnaval des vérités is a 1920 French silent film directed and written by Marcel L, 'Herbier
  • "Carnival", the 2nd official episode of the animated series The Bellflower Bunnies
  • Carnival (1931 film), a 1931 British film
  • Carnival (1989 film), a 1989 Malayalam film


  • Carnival (arcade game), a 1980 arcade game by Sega
  • Carnival Cruise Lines, a large cruise company, and its parent company Carnival Corporation & plc
  • Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, a 2006 Miami performing arts center formerly known as the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts
  • Kia Carnival, a car built by Kia Motors
  • A Blog carnival, a blog article that contains links to articles on other blogs covering a specific topic
  • Carnival Night Zone, a level in the Sega Genesis video game Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Carnival Food Stores, a grocery chain subsidiary of Minyard Food Stores, Inc. now owned by Fiesta Mart.
  • Karneval (manga), a manga by Mikanagi Touya