Thursday, March 10, 2011

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

Most expensive bridal gown in Vietnam valued at $117,000
We have already seen some very expensive wedding wear, including the $1.5 million Peacock dress, Swarovski-encrusted wedding gown collection, $250K platinum wedding dress and the $12 million wedding gown designed by Martin Katz Jewelers and Renee Strauss. Pictured above is a white silk and satin bridal gown from Vietnam, which is decked out with 222 diamonds and 100 red rubies. Valued at equivalent to US $117,000, the “Bach ngoc xiem y” is the most expensive bridal gown in Vietnam. Showcased at the Ruby Plaza trading centre in Hanoi on June 28, this shimmering gown is a creation of young fashion designer Huy Vo. The gemstone-made flower on the gown has 22 big rubies and 8 big diamonds. A big water drop-shaped ruby that symbolizes love has been used for the pistil. It took 40 days to complete this unique gown.
The total time spent included 56 hours for idea and production, 240 hours for selecting and processing gemstones, and 24 hours for fixing gemstones to the gown. On June 30, the first runner-up in Miss Vietnam 2008 will wear this gown. The Vietnam Record Book Centre has presented this gown a certificate for being the most expensive bridal gown in Vietnam.

yumi katsura wedding dress
Pearl and diamond wedding dress
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In February 2009, renowned Japanese bridal couturier Yumi Katsura unveiled the second most expensive wedding dress of 2009. Valued at USD 8.5 million, the dress is embellished with over 1,000 and one of only two 5-carat white gold diamonds in the world.
diamond wedding dress
Diamond wedding dress
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The most expensive wedding dress of 2009 was made through a collaboration between Renee Strauss and Martin Katz, a bridal salon owner and jewels dealer. The finished product was a wedding dress made out of 150 diamonds. It was unveiled at the first Dubai Fashion and Diamonds Show and is worth USD 12 million.

$1.5 Million Peacock Wedding Dress

This is an incredible and most expensive Wedding Dress I have ever seen. The Peacock wedding dress has been hand sewen from 2,009 pieces of peacock feathers. It took about eight months for 8 creators to complete this. The $1.5 million Peacock dress was unveiled at the wedding expo held in the capital of east China’s Jiangsu Province, Nanjing. Althought it might not be a good idea to buy this Peacock dress in this recession time, it is a Nice dress to keep people Glaring at it