Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vertu Cobra (The most expensive phone in the world!)

Bucheron for Vertu Cobra Price: $310,000
VERTU Python_Cobra
The most expensive phone in the world! The exclusive VERTU Signature Cobra replica with an outrageous price tag of $310,000 is available at 300 times cheaper here. The VERTU Signature Diamond Cobra is sure to attract the attention of the most refined critic out there.
The VERTU Signature Cobra replica is not even listed on VERTU’s website (just like the VERTU Signature Dragon) due to it’s notorious price tag, and has been released in under 20 units only. Exclusive as it may seem, it has been carefully replicated with some minor differences. This luxorious copy of VERTU Signature Cobra phone is plated with 18 Carat Gold and uses high-quality ceramic-technology which makes it up to four times as durable as other phones. The VERTU Signature Cobra replica phone is one of the most exclusive phones in the series.
Particular attention is paid to the actual snake and the diamonds it is laced with. The VERTU Signature Cobra copy of VERTU is equipped with a 262k true color TFT display, and has no digital camera (just like the original), GPRS/WAP capability and can also be used both as an MP3 music and an MP4 video player.
This exclusive VERTU Cobra phone is delivered in a high-quality gift box, including two batteries, a stereo headset, a USB cable, a charging unit and a user manual. All VERTU Signature Cobra clones work in the US and all other major countries.
This luxurious gold-plated copy of VERTU Signature Cobra has a logo and is labeled VERTU (not Veptu, Virtu etc.)
These facts make it simply an indispensible and the most exclusive accessory in the world for both men and women.