Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol 2011

Top 13 finalists of American Idol 2011 have performed and paid tribute to their favorite Idols in American Idol 2011 season 10.
The performances of Top 13 finalists in American Idol 2011 season 10 might not have been live, but they have paid tribute to their favorite Idols with their rocking performances. There were surprises by few performers.
Check out the performances of top 13 finalists of American Idol 2011 season 10:
Lauren Alaina: Lauren started the Idol themed night with ‘Any Man of Mine’ by Shania Twain. She made the audience to get on their feet and dance with her performance. She is well known for balancing herself while performing and she did it again. The judges were impressed and asked her to shift the gears as she always performs well.
Casey Abrams: He gave his performance by picking the number of The Beatles ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’. He performed with high energy and looked like a one man concert. Steven Tyler said that, he is a rainbow of talent with passion.
Ashton Jones: Ashton performed by singing ‘When You Tell Me That You Love Me’ of Diana Ross. The judges said that, her performance was good, but her choice was not up to the mark.
Paul McDonald: He selected the song ‘Come Pick Me Up’ of Ryan Adams to perform. He gave a whispery delivery. Steve Tyler said that, it was a bit pitchy and he would like any song of Ryan Adams.
Pia Toscano: She is becoming a strong contender as week by week is passing on. She sang the number ‘All By Myself’ of Celine Dion. She dedicated it to her father. The judges said that, the performance was beautiful.
James Durbin: James selected ‘May be I’m Amazed’ of Paul McCartney to perform. Randy Jackson said that, he is very dangerous and he can sing.
Haley Reinhart: She picked the song ‘Blue’ of LeAnn Rimes and before performing she said that, she was singing the song since her eight years of age. Jennifer Lopez said that, her performance was special and has got a voice which is diverse.
Jacob Lusk: Jacob chose ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ of R. Kelly. He performed it with power and did justice. Steven Tyler on his performance said that, it was pure passion and music, which could not be judged.
Thia Megia: She selected ‘Smile’ as Michael Jackson is her Idol. She stumbled some verses and struggled to pronounce the name Charlie Chaplin. The judges said that, she sings like an angel.
Stefano Langone: Stefano picked ‘Lately’ of Stevie Wonders which is well known. Judges said that, it’s hard to pick a classic song and make it dance remix.
Karen Rodriguez: Karen performed by singing ‘I Could Fall in Love’ by Selena as a lot was expected from her and was disappointing. The judges said that, it was like fighting with the song.
Scotty McCreery: The 17-year-old lad picked ‘The River’ of Garth Brook and performed incredibly great with maturity in his vocals. Judges said that, he could release it as a record and asked not to change.
Naima Adedapo: Naima performed ‘Umbrella’ of Rihanna, the only contemporary song of the night. Judges said that, she brought the flavor tonight.

Earlier, it was just a thought of Idol fans and judges that Paul McDonald might secure his place among Top 10 easily. Now, after watching his latest performance, the fans are saying that they are assured he will definitely secure his place among the Top 10 because he has such a unique voice. In his last performance, Paul McDonald sang “Maggie Mae” which inspired the people a lot and now all of these people are his proud fans who are praying for him. His fans are not just voting him personally but they are also urging others to vote him as well.
Reacting on his performance, Steven Tyler said he had real character about his voice while Jennifer Lopez reacted saying she loved the people like McDonald who smiled while singing. Randy Jackson praised his singing and said that he was so unique and different.
Now we have 24 contestants on Idol stage and all of these contestants are pretty much confidence about themselves and they say they have faith in them and they know they can achieve their milestone. These 24 guys were chosen from the 40 contestants. The final stage of American Idol has been set up and now the judges’ duty of eliminating the contestants have been over because from now only those contestants will be eliminated who are failed impressing the audience.