Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Most Richest Man In the World

 Guess Who Is theMost Richest Man In the World?.

  • Carlos Slim has a net worth of $53.5 billion and is the world's richest man as of March 2010.

$53,500,000,000 = RM171,868,428,640.08


Carlos Silm earn $5,479,452/hour
last year.

So how much is it
RM171,868,428,640.08 ?

  • President Vladimir Putin of Russia has been likened to an African plutocrat after a controversial political scientist claimed that he had acquired control of £20 billion in energy assets - enough to make him Europe's richest man.Stanislav Belkovsky, a colourful figure on the political scene, claimed that Mr Putin had made a multi-billion pound fortune by controlling stakes in three Russian energy companies.
The allegations – if true – would suggest that Mr Putin is one of the wealthiest men ever to hold public office.
Mr Belkovsky alleged that Mr Putin had acquired $40 billion during his eight years in power, through a network of front-men

  • The state of the different economies around the world is affecting everyong and that includes the entrepreneurs and billionaires among us. So the Forbes World’s Billionaires list has seen a few changes at the top and the comeback of the former richest man in the world Bill Gates.
Last year Bill sat at number three in the chart dropping behind last year’s number one Warren Buffet and second-placed Mexican Carlos Slim Helu. Even though all three men have lost money this year Bill seems to have lost the least pushing him back past his closest rivals. Overall Bill Gates lost $18 billion of his fortune, but Warren Buffet lost $25 billion as did Carlos Slim Helu.
Other interesting facts about the list include:
  • The number of billionaires has declined 30% from 1,125 to 793
  • The 373 people leaving the list break down as 355 losing enough money to make them not billionaires anymore and 18 dying
  • 38 new billionaires joined the list and 3 people rejoined after passing the billion-dollar mark once more
  • The overall value of the list has almost halved from $4.4 trillion to $2.4 trillion
  • The average fortune across the list is $3 billion
  • 45% of the list are Americans
  • Russia was the hardest hit this year losing 55 billionaires
  • The biggest loser this year was Indian Anil Ambani who lost 76% of his wealth, a cool $32 billion.
  • Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, India's largest private sector company; Chosen as ET Business Leader of the Year 2006; Ranked 42nd among the World's Most Respected Business Leaders and second among the four Indian CEOs featured in a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published in Financial Times, London, November 2004.