Saturday, April 23, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Toys

Althof Bergmann Santa Sleigh – World’s Most Expensive Toy:
Kids love toys and so do we. Yet, there are some, who would go to just about any lengths to get their hands on an iconic toy piece. This is what happened to the vintage Althof Bergmann Santa Sleigh toy, that fetched an astounding $161,000 at the James D Julia’ Toy, Doll and Advertising auction, making it the World’s Most Expensive Toy. What makes it so important and expensive is the heritage that this luxury toy carries with it, being the rarest and most important of all early-American tin toys.
MINIATURE BOY ON HORSE ROCKING TOY ATTRIBUTED TO HULL & STAFFORD. A captivating and pint sized toy in very fine all original untouched condition. A very unusual and possibly unique cantering horse with wire rockers attached to rear and front hooves of horse. The cuteness of this toy cannot be overstated and would certainly be most appealing to not only toy collectors, but also to doll collectors and collectors of folk art. SIZE: 3-1/2" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: Very fine plus condition, soldered joint at front hoof is loose. 1-10116 (400-600)
PRICE :$1,610.00
MERRIAM AMERICAN TIN WHEELED PLATFORM HORSE AND COLT. An exceptional toy in all-original, untouched, as found condition. A most charming, as well as aesthetically pleasing tin toy circa 1870s featuring a mare with colt prancing astride. Horses are enameled in vibrant white and the mare further embellished with painted black trappings and red saddle. All contained upon an embossed tin wheeled base painted in typical Merriam blue. SIZE: 6-1/4" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: In exceptional original condition with some minor paint loss to base and horses. 1-10078 (1,500-2,500)
VERY UNUSUAL TWO HORSE "CITY CAR" TROLLEY BY ALTHOF BERGMANN. An oddity for an American tin toy, this is not the typical trolley that one usually encounters either in form or color. The horse is similar in nature to George Brown horses, yet with subtle and distinct differences when compared side by side. Horses attached to each other by a common wheeled base and wires as simulated yokes are enameled in white black trappings and red belly bands. The car itself, unusual in that it has stenciled entrance and exit as opposed to stamped openings, scalloped embossed ventilators, and side entrance and exit steps with railings. The trolley is painted in dark blue with gold and black stenciling and red base and roof. SIZE: 15" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: Overall very good to fine with no apparent restoration, lacking a couple of minor wire handrails. 1-10017 (4,500-6,500)
PRICE ;$3,450.00
HORSE AND TRAINER ROCKER BELL TOY BY FALLOWS. Delicate, delightful and desirable are three words that describe this toy. Few examples have survived over the years in such remarkable original paint condition. Typical of Fallows, they used an embossed tin rocker style base and affixed to the base are the prancing horse with the trainer following. As the child rocks the toy the clappers would strike the bell and amuse the child for some time. Fallows was known for making different series of toys utilizing the same base but interchanging either animals and/or figures. This toy also came with a dog and basket in mouth with girl, horse and rider, etc. SIZE: 6-3/4" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: In very fine original paint, trainer may have been resoldered to base with touch up to black boots. 1-10103 (2,000-3,000)
ADELINE SIDE PADDLE WHEELER ATTRIBUTED TO HULL & STAFFORD. A charismatic side wheeler with an abundance of detailing such as fanciful pin striping, multiple flags and stencil work. Unusual for American tin toys, this particular boat has several varied, yet intrinsically appealing, colors which make this side wheeler aesthetically pleasing. Embossed pilot house roof, die cut tin flags, cast walking beam, and unusual stamped tin railings further add to the allure of this toy. SIZE: 13-1/2" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: This toy appears to be in fabulous original condition, but after close and repeated examination we are not certain it may be an incredible restoration? 1-10155 (4,000-15,000)
DOUBLE HORSE SPRING GIG WITH DRIVER BY GEORGE BROWN. An unusual as well as delicate form, this petite yet interesting toy is pictured in George Brown Toy Sketchbook on plate 37. Varied and unusual paint colors adorn the horses and tin work of the gig. SIZE: 9-1/4" l. PROVENANCE: From the Collection of Malcolm Deisenroth, Jr. CONDITION: In untouched, as found, all original condition. 1-10115 (2,500-4,500)