Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Of Prince William and Kate) Invitation

Royal Wedding Guest List has been drawn up and sent out. 1,900 people are invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29th April, 2011, but Sarah, Duchess of York and the Prince’s aunt by marriage, is not one of them! (What do you think about that? Click 'Read More' and leave your comment.)
Although no specific names of invited guests have been released, the invitations are beginning to arrive now. Over half of the guests are said to be family and friends of William and Catherine, with the rest of the guests being made up of international state leaders, politicians, dignitaries, and representatives of various charities such as Centrepoint, the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Tusk Trust, which are supported by Prince William.
There will also be a few celebrity guests.

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David and Victoria Beckham are thought to have been invited after Prince William befriended David when they worked together on England’s doomed World Cup bid.
Of the almost two thousand guests invited to the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, about 650 of them will be asked to a special wedding reception buffet to be held afterwards at Buckingham Palace. There will also be an evening party that more people will attend, including a dinner and dancing for three hundred close friends of the couple, so invited guests will be interested to read on their invitation to which parts of the day they have been invited.
The Royal Wedding invitations are on white card with edges gilded in gold and with Queen Elizabeth II’s initials below a crown are die-stamped on the invitation – just in case you’re watching out for yours! They arrive in a pale brown envelope.
It may be traditional for the invitations to be sent out by the bride’s family, but Royal protocol dictates that invitations are issued by the Royal Family. They are worded as follows:
The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by
The Queen to invite
to the marriage of
His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales KG
Miss Catherine Middleton
at Westminster Abbey
on Friday 29 April 2011 at 11.00am.
“KG” stands for Knight of the Garter.
RSVPs also go to the office of the Lord Chamberlain, which is in charge of the ceremonial and formal wedding preparations.
Of course, as expected, there is a dress code: "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit".
One notable absentee from the Royal Wedding guess list is Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. As the ex-wife of Prince William’s uncle, Prince Andrew, it is reported that she never expected to be invited to the wedding and will actually be abroad at the time of the wedding on 29th April.
For the rest of Britain and countries all over the world who were not invited, we will have to satisfy ourselves with watching the Royal Wedding on television and maybe having our own street party in honour of the occasion. The day of the Royal Wedding, Friday 29th April, 2011, has been designated a Bank Holiday in the UK, with the majority of non-essential employees being awarded a day off work to allow as many people as possible to celebrate the occasion.